Who doesn't love creamsickles?! The rooftop is a custom paint poured orange and white. Paint pouring is a very cool technique which, believe it or not, involves a blow torch. The edging and bottom are painted alternating orange and white. As always, this baby is solid pine and is double sealed to keep it looking great for years to come. There are ventilation holes on the sides and drainage holes in the bottom panel.

Creamsickle Birdhouse

SKU: 7
    • 2 lbs, 13.6 ounces - yeah it's solid pine baby!
    • 1 1/2" entryway for wrens and other medium sized birds
    • 9" height
    • 7 1/4" house depth
    • 9" roof depth
    • 5 1/2" house width
    • 8" roof width