What would we do without mechanics? To show our appreciation for them, we created the mechanic birdhouse. This is a tall, doubled roof birdhouse maroon, black and silver. It's embellished with all kinds of nuts, bolts, wrenches and other goodies. Thank you to all mechanics for keeping everything running! As always, this birdhouse is double sealed to keep it all looking great for years to come. There are ventilation slits in the sides and drainage slats in the bottom as well. 

Mechanic Birdhouse

SKU: 17
    • 3 lbs, 1.4 ounces - yeah it's solid pine baby!
    • 2" entryway which is great for nuthatches, sparrows and other medium sized birds
    • 12" in height
    • 9" depth rooftop to rooftop
    • 7" house depth
    • 8 1/2" rooftop width
    • 5 1/2" house width