We counted 14 baby robins in our backyard the other day! They love to nest on platforms and we love to give them comfortable housing (it's also great to keep them away from nesting on our light fixtures).  This nesting platform is pine that's stained with weathered oak so the wood takes on a gray tone along with a  cedar stain for contrast. As always, two coats of outdoor sealant to keep it looking great for years to come. 

Two Toned Robin Nesting Platform

SKU: 13
    • 3 lbs, 9.8 ounces - yeah it's solid pine!
    • open entryway for robins and other nest box birds
    • backing is 13 high and 9 1/4" wide
    • platform base is 7" wide with 7" depth
    • sides are 6" at the top and narrows down to 4 1/2" at the bottom
    • platform height is 9 1/4" and narrows down to 7" at the opening
    • depth of the platform is 7"